A Winning Strategy For Legacy Timeshare Resorts & Condotels

We work on repositioning resorts, not individual deeds, but here is what individual owners say:

“If it weren’t for you, we would have had to give our unit away for nothing.”
Rodney and Susan Oak, Baltimore, MD.
“My wife and I were pleasantly shocked when we received our check.”
Peter Reid, Dunkirk, MD. 
“Thank you for taking the bull by the horns.”
Waves timeshare owner.

Solutions For Tough Decisions - Winding Down & Repurposing A Timeshare Plan:

The time has come for a growing number of Timeshare HOAs to take steps to wind down operations and/or to repurpose their properties. That's a tough decision for Board Members to make and the process can be lengthy, costly and challenging. Ignoring the realities and failing to act can force a resort into insolvency and possible bankruptcy. The resulting chaos can be devastating for owners.  Instead of owning valuable property, they would end up with a personal liability to pay for something that no longer delivers adequate value.

Why A Sustainability Study Is Important:

The Board of Directors must be proactive. When delinquencies and defaults are on the rise, reserves and operating funds decrease. When those situations become prolonged, the ability of the resort to sustain operations comes into question. The sooner the Board analyzes the situation, the sooner it will be able to plan a course of action and implement the necessary changes. Taking a go-it-alone approach entails significant risks and can cost the resort precious time and money. It takes professional expertise to assess the situation, to determine the obstacles that need to be overcome including surveying the owners, getting them to vote and getting clear title to all deeds so that title insurance can be secured to complete the ultimate transition.

The Solution: 

Lemonjuice Capital Partners will take on the financial burden by investing into restructuring and repositioning the resort's assets. We invest in such properties and work together with boards and owners to restructure the property for the benefit of all the stakeholders. Of utmost importance, we manage the process to avoid costly wheel-spinning and mistakes.

Who We Are:

Lemonjuice Capital Partners is managed by Alexander Krakovsky (Alex).  Prior to establishing Lemonjuice Capital, Alex spent ten years helping to build a power company, ContourGlobal, that he co-founded.  Prior to ContourGlobal, he managed a very successful investment fund for emerging markets.

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